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number 22/fall 1976
Edited by Richard Koprowski
  From the Domestic Corresponding Editors:
  Constance Keffer
       University of Arizona: Current Research by        Graduate Students
  Phyllis K. Rueb
       University of Texas at Austin: Recent

  From the Foreign Corresponding Editors:       
  Tadeusz Maciejewski
       Poland; An Appraisal of the Musicological        Work in Poland in the Post-War Years
  L. Gene Strasbaugh
       Regensburg: The Twenty-Third Conference        of the IFMC in Retrospect

  Kristine K. Forney and staff
       The Collegium Musicum: A Survey of        Thirty-Two American Universities
  Kathryn Bailey
       Row Anomalies in Opus 33: An Insight into Schoenberg's        Understanding of the Serial Procedure
  William D. Gudger
       Handel's Last Compositions and His Borrowings from        Habermann (Part 1)
  Robert Orledge
       Debussy's Second English Ballet: Le Palais du Silence or No-Ja-Li

  Margaret Long Crouch
       An Annotated Bibiliography and Commentary Concerning        Mission Music of Alta California from 1769 to 1834: In Honor of        the American Bicentennial